Ann Early

Ann Early was born in Tennessee in 1938. One of eight children, Ann and her family moved to Detroit Michigan when she was in grade school. In 1956, Ann and her husband judge moved to New York and began to raise a family. During these years Ann wasn’t just a wife and mother, she also started a foundation called Writers in Residents. The foundation focused on helping underprivileged youth find passion for acting and the performing arts. It gave them the opportunity to Channel their talents and energy in a meaningful way.

Ann also furthered her education by earning a master’s degree and a PhD and went on to have a very successful Psycho Therapy practice. In 2008 Ann was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and unfortunately passed away in 2013. From the disease. Ann’s son Quinn was deeply affected by his mother’s passing and has started the Ann Early Intervention Foundation to help eradicate this horrible disease that has affected so many people and ultimately took his mother’s life.