Ann Early

was born in Tennessee 1937. One of eight children, her family moved to Detroit Michigan when she was in grade school. 1956, Ann and her husband Judge moved to New York and began to raise a family. During these years, Ann wasn’t just a wife and mother, she also started a successful foundation. The foundation’s focus was to help underprivileged youth have an opportunity to channel their talents and energy through the performing arts. ann was a play writer and director. She built a very successful play group on Long Island called Writer’s in Residence. After raising her family, Ann decided to fulfil her promise to her grandmother, Big Mama by writing a book about the famed indentured servant Sherrod Bryant.

Ann spent many years traveling to Tennessee where she did extensive research. Combined with years of stories told to her by Big Mama, Ann completed her book. Unfortunately, she didn’t have an opportunity to complete her mission of telling this great American story. In 2008, Ann was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2013. Her youngest son Quinn promised her that he would tell the story of Sherrod Bryant. Quinn is gladly carrying the torch for his mother.