Board of Directors

Quinn eARLY

Quinn was born on Long Island, NY in 1965. He grew up in the theater where his mother, Ann Early was a play writer. Quinn received an education in acting at a very young age and knew that he wanted a career in the performing arts. but Quinn had a detour along the way. The NFL became his stage in 1988 when Quinn played wide receiver for 12 years. After retiring, Quinn worked in the sports nutrition industry as well as with kids helping them to achieve their athletic goals. In 2011 Quinn was inspired by his mother to get back into acting and stunt work. Quinn Appeared in his first movie in 2012 and has been working in the film industry ever since. He became part of sag/AFTRA in 2014 and has appeared in over 35 films and television shows. In honor of his mother, Quinn has founded the Ann Early Intervention Foundation in hopes of helping to end the disease that effects so many and ultimately took his mother’s life.

john moss seelig, md, faans

John is a board-certified neurological surgeon since 1984. John was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1950. His ancestors immigrated from Germany during the decade of the “Hungry Forties” in Europe with deprivation, religious unrest, famine, and revolution. At the age of five, Seelig moved to inner-city Chicago, where his elementary school windows had prison bars. His background in the streets of Chicago and his exposure to human suffering, prejudice and economic uncertainty stimulated his desire to become a Doctor. To obtain this goal and survive he entered the work force at an early stage of 12 and preformed menial tasks. His academic career was launched at seventeen in research and development of pain management and cancer victims in Cleveland, Ohio. At eighteen, Seelig assisted in opening a lab at UCLA focusing on head injury and stroke. He focused on minimally invasive neurological procedures and taught himself microscopic neurosurgery in 1968. Upon entering UCSF School of medicine at twenty-two, he participated in the establishment of the first International Brain Tumor Research Center. Upon completion of medical school, Seelig moved to Richmond, Virginia to complete his neurological surgery residency with a research emphasis on principal focus on reversible Central Nervous System Disorder. Following his publication in the New England Journal of Medicine (304: 1511-1518, 1981) he participated in Chicago with the Department of Health and Human Services and Trauma system. In 1982, Seelig was appointed to the faculty of UCSD, helping to Hotline and Center was established at UCSD. Dr. Seelig has been involved in the first Trauma Coma Data Bank and Important Data Banks.

As of today, he has 22 peer-reviewed and 17 invited lectures around the world. Innovation and development have been at the forefront of his career. He has been on the scientific advisory board of 8 medical device companies. Since 1991, he has been an active consultant for the California Board of Quality Assurance in his specialty. With his continued focus on maintaining Standard of Care practices by colleagues throughout California, he passionately believes that maintaining best practices among physicians in those caring for Alzheimer’s patients and families is paramount in obtaining the best results now and as further innovations are made.

tai seibert

Tai is an expert in the areas of technology insertion, cybersecurity, cyber-warfare and security architectures. He has worked in military, government and commercial environments across Big Data Analytics, web based architectures and applications as well as large traditional software systems. He has led large research and development efforts and software development divisions for over 25 years. Seibert has a wealth of experience in the areas of program management, business development and customer relationship management. He’s been a speaker at numerous conferences, seminars and expert panels and has provided government sponsored training seminars across the defense contracting space on how to develop software in accordance with government standards.

Jerry Saline

Gerald W. Saline, Ph.D. is a surgical neurophysiologist and has practiced in San Diego since 1987. He has held privileges at many of the San Diego hospitals, but primarily at Scripps Memorial Hospitals in La Jolla and Encinitas. He has participated in neurosurgical procedures involving patients with brain and spinal cord injuries; vascular pathophysiologies, including brain aneurysms and arterial-venous malformations; and various tumor resections and removals. His participation during surgery included ongoing assessments of motor and sensory pathway function in patients undergoing various procedures while under general anesthesia. Additionally, Dr. Saline has performed brain mapping of neural structures defining the motor and speech cortex areas on awake, partially anesthetized, patients during open craniotomies.

Dr. Saline earned his Ph.D. from the Claremont Graduate University with a research emphasis in cognitive neuroscience and developmental brain plasticity. He also earned a Master of Science degree in Audiology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Communicative Disorders from the University of Redlands. After a more than twenty-five-year career, Dr. Saline was inducted into the La Jolla Academy of Medicine. More importantly, Dr. Saline is currently caring for a family member with early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.

hugh stone

Hewette J. Stone has been connected with the health-care field for the last 35 years. He majored in Business, Psychology and Education in college, received his Masters of Arts in counseling from University of Iowa and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1977 in California. He is a member of the National Honor Society in Psychology.

Hugh was co-owner of Grossmont Gardens currently a 435 unit retirement complex located in La Mesa CA. Having received an MBA with an emphasis in real estate and marketing in 1982, he holds a California Real Estate Brokers License and has done land development and building. He has managed his own and other real estate investments and projects actively for the past 35years. Most recently owning and operating three assisted living communities, Viva Communities, with his wife, Anne. In August of 2014 two of the communities were sold.

In addition to volunteering his time for the Boys Scouts, he has coached both soccer and baseball for local community teams. He has done volunteer work for The Crisis Line, The Beach Area Community Clinic and has served on the Advisory Board of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation.

He has served on the Board of Directors for the San Diego State University Art Council, and the Boys and Girls Mental Health Society. He is a 28 year member and past president of the Lions Club San Diego, serving as President of their Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He was on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Foundation of San Diego serving for 24 years. He has three children, two grandchildren and resides with his wife of 44 years in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

ann stone

Anne has been working in the senior care industry for the past decade with a focus on residential care for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia. With a particular emphasis on skill training and the care aspects of this uniquely challenging work, she has also developed a passion for sharing the important keys to prevention of this dreaded disease and recently the powerful new research on actually reversing early to moderate Alzheimer’s.

With degrees in fine art and psychology, Anne’s professional life has focused on teaching and the healing arts, particularly those of energy psychology. Her degrees are from University of Iowa (BFA in Art) and San Diego State University (M.A. in Art and B.S. in Psychology). She shares her senior work with her husband, Hugh, and together they have created beautiful and meaningful homes for seniors.